MoneyCoach gets featured on the US App Store

With less than 12 hours left of 2016, we achieved another breakthrough goal: MoneyCoach just got featured on the US App Store. This is big, no, this is Star Destroyer level of big for us.  … Read More

Getting Started: How to use the Repeating Transactions feature

Using the Repeating Transactions feature is as easy as it can get. Here’s how you do it.

Introducing Bitcoin Tracker by MoneyCoach

Yeah, we’ve been quite busy at MoneyCoach. On one hand, bug fixing and crafting new features for MoneyCoach while on the other developing other applications expanding the MoneyCoach ecosystem. The latest app is our Bitcoin Tracker by MoneyCoach. Nothing too … Read More

Help, my data is gone!

We have noticed a couple of users appear to have a problem with their data after the last update. We are currently investigating and assessing this case. Meanwhile here are a few things and tips you need to know: After … Read More

What’s new in MoneyCoach 2.9.96 “SaltBae” Update?

MoneyCoach keeps going strong. … Read More

What’s new in MoneyCoach 2.9.95?

Another fast update coming your way. … Read More

Here’s why you must update MoneyCoach to the latest version

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. Getting featured on nearly all of the App Store regions is a fantastic feeling, but the workload increases ten fold. … Read More

Getting Started: How to Activate the iCloud Sync feature

MoneyCoach offers iCloud Sync feature as an IAP. Activating it the first time is as easy as it can get. Here’s how you do it.

What’s new in MoneyCoach 2.9.94?

MoneyCoach is expanding at a neck breaking pace. Sometimes we are breaking our neck too. … Read More

Getting Started: Understanding the Multi-Currency Feature

MoneyCoach has a killer premium feature that you rarely see in other personal finance apps, real time Multi-Currency support. What this means is that you can have accounts in different currencies and when you add a new transaction in that … Read More

What’s new in 2.9.93?

The support we’ve received this last week has been mindblowing. But we did not slack, we went on and fixed a lot of things. … Read More