Getting Started: How to manage Categories & Subcategories

Adding new Categories & Subcategories, deleting or editing existing ones is such an easy process to do. Here’s how to do it!

Text to use for translation:

1- Tap “Settings” on your Home Screen

2- Tap the “Categories”

3- To add a new Category tap on the + symbol; To edit an existing Category swipe left on top of said Category; To manage Subcategories tap on a Category

4- Enter the name of the new Category; Select type “Expense” or “Income”; Select an icon; Tap Save

5- To add a new Subcategory tap the + symbol; To edit a Subcategory, tap on said Subcategory; To delete a Subcategory, swipe left on top of said Subcategory

6- Enter the name of the new Subcategory; Tap “Save”

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