Getting Started: How to use the Repeating Transactions feature

Using the Repeating Transactions feature is as easy as it can get. Here’s how you do it.

Text to use for translation:

1- When adding a new transaction, tap on “Advanced”

2- Follow the steps as they are very self-explanatory.

3- After tapping on the “Interval” you’ll have to choose when will the transaction repeat itself. Choose “Day” and it will repeat every day, “Week” every week and so on.

4- Choose the start and end dates for the Repeating Transaction. Once you are done tap “Save”.

5- The transaction will repeat itself till your end date and you can identify them by the R symbol on the “Transactions” tab.


  1. Sascha

    Would be great if would not be necessary to specify an end date for a repeating transaction. Often I don’t know how long I will need a repeating transaction, like rental cost for my appartment. Is there any option to do that?

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