Getting Started: Understanding the Multi-Currency Feature

MoneyCoach has a killer premium feature that you rarely see in other personal finance apps, real time Multi-Currency support. What this means is that you can have accounts in different currencies and when you add a new transaction in that currency, be that an expense or income, the app automatically converts it to the main currency you’ve set in the Settings tab.

For example, you have a British credit card so the currency is GBP, but your main currency in the app is set in EUR. Now when you add eg. 1200 GBP in a transaction, the real-time conversion kicks in and it automatically converts it in 1399,68 EUR (rates may vary). That’s it, you don’t have to do anything on your part, the app takes care of everything. In the end, you will have a unified experience everywhere, no matter in how many different currencies you add your transactions.

And it supports almost every currency available out there with the Bitcoin support coming very soon.

Check the image down below for a visual representation of the Multi-Currency feature in action.

Text to use for translation:

1- Create a new account with a different currency from your main one you set in the Settings.

2- Now when you add a new Multi-Currency Transaction the app will convert it in realtime in the main currency.

3- Your Net Worth will still be in your main currency as MoneyCoach converts any currency into your main one so you’ll have a unified experience everywhere in the app.

4- However, you can still see in the Transaction tab all multi-currency transactions in their original currency along
with the realtime conversion.


  1. Miko

    Is bitcoin support going to be added at some point?

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