Why MoneyCoach goes Premium

Why MoneyCoach goes Premium

We know that hundreds of thousands of you use MoneyCoach to manage their finances and achieve financial freedom.

And as you know, our mission is to give you the best possible tools to realize your dreams.

Our philosophy is based on three core elements:

World Class Support

That is why we offer world-class support for free, anytime (we don’t sleep that much, you get it). Just take a look at hundreds of five star reviews that underline our kickass support.

You at the center of everything

We invest a lot of time in speaking with each individual user, helping them get the most out of the app and letting them choose what we should develop next.

So you vote and decide the future of MoneyCoach. We believe that if you use the app and you love it, then you should be part of the entire process, you have a voice. There are not a lot of companies that give their users such an important role in the life of a product.

Constant and fast updates

Another strong pillar is the constant update of the app. Facebook releases an app update once every two weeks, we release it once a week. This is our level of commitment and we will not stop.

And as Zuckerberg said: “move fast and break things”, we tend to break some things from time to time. But we fix them fast and as we can’t use the app ourselves otherwise.

Why are we developing MoneyCoach?

This is a good question. We created MoneyCoach to solve our own problems and to offer you the possibility to achieve financial freedom. And as the time goes by, new money problems arise that need a new way of thinking.

That is why we update MoneyCoach constantly with new features. Because at the end of the day, MoneyCoach is only a medium for you to achieve your dreams and solve more difficult problems.

Why is it free?

You might wonder from time to time (we do too), how can an app like this with a lot of features be free? Where is the catch?

Stay assured, we are not selling your soul to the devil. It is not in our DNA and we will never do that.

This was not about the money, it never was. When you have a mission and stay true to it, you think only about the mission and how to help other people achieve their dreams.

We receive daily tens of emails thanking us because we helped them change their spending behaviors and improve their finances.

Our Vision

We achieved a lot in a short amount of time and we want to go even further. Some of the new features that we plan or we are developing are:

  • iPad Support (can’t wait myself for this too)
  • Siri integration
  • iCloud sync, so you won’t need the backup anymore 🙂
  • Live Online Banking. We will integrate MoneyCoach with most of the banks in Europe. Which means you will use MoneyCoach to handle all your banking accounts, instead of that shitty proprietary banking app that you are using 😜.
  • Smart budgets. Supercharged budgets that will do a lot for you.
  • Android version
  • Web version
  • Business reports. Perfect for freelancers and small businesses
  • Etc

This list can go on and on, but you get the point. Huge features that will change the way we use MoneyCoach. We are pretty excited about them.

There is only a problem

Until now, we bootstrapped MoneyCoach, which means spending a lot of resources, such as time and money. In addition, we want to increase the speed we roll out new features and deploy to new systems such as Android or macOS.

You cannot do this by only bootstrapping a product. This is not a viable solution for a steady business. We want to offer our users the best platform for managing their financial life. But we can’t make it on our own.

The solution

Introducing MoneyCoach Pro, our set of premium features and services.

Pro users will have the ability to get all the basic features plus a continually growing set of premium features such as the above-mentioned ones. MoneyCoach Pro will be offered as a one-time upgrade model.

We thought a lot about the price and the value of MoneyCoach and we think that paying as much as two Starbucks Frappuccinos once is a fair price.

If you cannot drink two cups less and invest it for your future, then MoneyCoach is not right for you.

So what is our plan:

  • One-time full premium upgrade 9,99$ limited time offer from 19,99$
  • In-App Purchases

But this does not mean we will alienate our normal users as you will still be able to use many of the existing features for free.

Why does it cost so much money?

You may be right, but please put the things into perspective.

Your music subscription costs 9.99$ a month.

Your Netflix subscription costs 9.99$ a month.

Your premium todo list app costs 4.99$ a month.

Your daily Starbucks caffeine intake is at least 3.99$.

How much are you willing to pay for your financial freedom?

You should know this better than us.

We are not a company that slams an app in the App Store and then goes away. We update the app constantly and we will never abandon you.

Our users matter, You matter and we will be with you every step of the way. Take this leap of faith with us!


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